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Home Warranty Refrigerant Coverage

The price of Freon is at an all-time high as the EPA’s R-22A phase-out fast approaches, which makes the refrigerant illegal to produce or import by 2020. 

Did you know that Old Republic Home Protection places no limit on the volume of refrigerant we’ll add to a covered repair or replacement? It’s not unusual for a system to need up to 10 pounds of refrigerant, which could cost you up to $500 at retail price. If any amount of additional Freon is necessary for the covered air conditioner to function properly, ORHP pays the cost!* 

Our refrigerant coverage doesn’t stop there… With the Ultimate Protection Plan, you’re covered for costs related to refrigerant reclaim, recapture, and disposal when required for diagnosis, repair, or replacement of covered systems, with no dollar limit. And since we don’t cap the volume of refrigerant, we’ll fill it back up after the repair! 

Most modern residential air conditioners and heat pumps are manufactured to run on 410A (Puron) refrigerant. If an alternative refrigerant (such as MO99) is already in an existing air conditioner or heat pump system, and a repair is required, we will use the same alternative refrigerant that’s in the system with no volume limit. 

Additionally, we’ll never add an alternative refrigerant to a system using R-22, even if a service provider recommends it to minimize cost! If the system runs on R-22, we’ll add R-22 to the covered air conditioner. 

Refrigerant is pricey, and it’s only going to get more expensive as the 2020 phase-out looms. But don’t worry! ORHP has you covered. 

*See your state’s Plan for complete coverage details.