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Fire Safety for Pet Owners

Written by Old Republic Home Protection | Dec 4, 2017 11:51:17 PM

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Fluffy and Fido are responsible for starting nearly 1,000 house fires annually. Pets may unintentionally turn on cooktop burners, knock over lit candles, overturn space heaters and lamps, or even spread hot ashes from fireplaces. The following precautions can help protect your home and your pets from accidental fire.

Remove stove knobs: The NFPA says stove and countertop fires are the most common fires caused by pets. If Fido can counter-surf around the kitchen on his hind legs, or if Fluffy likes to jump up on the countertops, remove cooktop knobs when you leave the house.

Don’t use glass pet bowls on wooden decks: Water in a glass bowl can act like a magnifying glass, amplifying the sun’s rays and igniting your deck or porch beneath the bowl. Hydrate your pets using ceramic or stainless steel bowls on outdoor wooden surfaces.

Extinguish all open flames: Animals are curious creatures and may explore fireplaces, appliances, and surfaces with candles. Never leave your pets unattended around an open flame, and always thoroughly quench all flames before leaving home.