Low-Tech Marketing Tricks for the Digital Age

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Unless you’ve been trapped in a time warp since 1998, you know that digital marketing is all the rage. However, interpersonal connections remain an integral part of real estate, and the most successful agents and brokers employ strategies using both high-tech and low-tech marketing. Below are three old-school techniques that still work to generate business and supplement your digital marketing efforts.

Handwritten Notes: In this digital age, there’s something warm and inviting about a handwritten note on quality paper. Research shows that handwritten cards have a 99% open rate! Sending a handwritten thank-you note is a pretty simple way to differentiate yourself from the competition. But if you have terrible handwriting, or you’re short on time, you may want to use a service like The Handwritten Card or Handwrytten to write and mail your notes for you. 

Warm Calls: Calling someone you don’t know, out of the blue, is nerve-wracking for most of us. But calling someone you’ve worked with in the past, or someone you know socially, is much easier! Don’t beat around the bush during these calls. Let your contact know up front that you’re calling about business and ask if they have a minute to talk. Announcing your intentions right off the bat will let them know you’re not planning to waste their time with a canned sales pitch, and it gives them an out to politely decline if they’re not interested. If they do agree to chat, ask if they know anyone who is thinking about buying or selling a home, and see if you can get a referral. You can also offer them a competitive market analysis if they’re curious to learn about the state of the local market.

Canvassing: Heading out into your farm and canvassing the neighborhood is an excellent way to meet prospective clients. And if you come bearing gifts, people tend to be more receptive. NAR suggests offering calendars, pens, kitchen magnets, or some other keepsake that will display your contact information. Consider leaving fun seasonal items on porches to get noticed, like a pot of flowers in spring or a cute pumpkin in fall (don’t forget to attach your business card!).

Need some additional inspiration? Old Republic Home Protection offers various free marketing tools that you can customize with your information. We have door hangers, calendars, newsletters, homeowner tip guides, and more! Visit our Toolbox to see what’s available!


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