Our root coverage is treemendous!

Root damage in plumbing pipes

Sometimes plumbing pipes fracture and leak small amounts of water, nutrients, and oxygen, creating the perfect environment for tree roots to grow into the pipes and cause blockages. Mother Nature sure can be invasive! Luckily, with Old Republic Home Protection’s Platinum Protection, you’ll have coverage to combat the roots that may be on their way to plugging up your drain line.

As listed in the Plumbing section of the Standard Plan, stoppages due to roots are not covered.

When a request for service on a blockage is reported, we don’t know the cause.  We dispatch a Service Provider who will typically run a cable through the line in order to clear. If the stoppage can be cleared with a cable, it’s covered! 

If that doesn’t clear the stoppage, and the cable has come back clear of roots, then the Service Provider will attempt clearing by hydro-jetting. The goal is to clear the stoppage.

If roots are determined to be the cause of the stoppage, and the stoppage is unable to be cleared, our Standard Plan, like most home warranty Plans, does not cover any additional cost to clear.

However, our Platinum Protection takes coverage one step further!  If the stoppage still cannot be cleared, we provide up to $250 per Plan for additional efforts, whatever those may be.

Remember, plumbing stoppages caused by foreign objects are never covered. 

You can’t control Mother Nature, but you can place ORHP’s Platinum Protection on your home for the best coverage available for plumbing stoppages!