Stop, stop, stop the drip, drip drip...

Leaky Faucet

Drip, drip, drip, drip… Going insane yet? A broken faucet can be an utmost annoyance. But don’t fear! ORHP’s Ultimate Protection extends our plumbing coverage to include faucets.

There are countless styles of faucets and we cover them all! With Ultimate Protection, we’ll repair or replace your faulty pull-down/pull-out, center-set, single-hole, Roman tub, and pot filler faucets.

While our faucet coverage is comprehensive, we do not cover the fixtures around a faucet. For example, we don’t cover spray arms (also known as side sprayers) that sit beside a faucet, or built-in soap dispensers.

You may be asking yourself, “under what circumstances will ORHP repair or replace my faucet?” In short—when it becomes inoperable due to normal wear and use!

Often faucets become loose with repeated use, but the faucet still works. ORHP does not cover a loose faucet unless it’s also inoperable. In most cases, simply tightening the bolts/screws is an easy fix and just what the loose-faucet doctor ordered.

Protect your clients’ sanity, and their faucets, with ORHP’s Ultimate Protection… they’re sure to thank you when the dripping stops!