Old Republic Home Protection’s Response to COVID-19

Like many of you, we are navigating new territory as we respond to the coronavirus pandemic. As we continue business operations and discover our new normal, we remain committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, service providers, and the communities we serve.

At the outset of the pandemic, we responded quickly, implementing business contingency plans and following federal, state, and local guidance. It has not been without challenges… challenges that we understand impact our customers. Please know that we are taking all prudent actions to streamline our service processes and minimize, to the extent possible, the impact on you.

The New Work Environment

The majority of Old Republic Home Protection’s Northern California employees continue working remotely, sheltering in place in accordance with state and local government guidelines. Employees deemed essential to business operations—those who must work in our corporate offices—practice social distancing in their daily activities, wearing masks and using the many hand sanitizing stations across our campus.

We advise our network service providers to follow CDC guidelines and best business practices, including staying home if they are in any way symptomatic. We ask that they wash their hands often, wear face masks, and clean their tools and work surfaces often.

Challenges to Providing Service in Excellence

While we remain committed to providing service in excellence, there are many challenges to overcome before we can return to business as usual. We appreciate your patience as our teams work through the challenges and deliver solutions.

Avoiding Extended Hold Times

The majority of our customers are spending more time at home, which puts additional strain on their home’s systems and appliances. Increased use results in increased breakdowns which, in turn, results in more service calls to us.

Here’s what we recommend for the quickest service:

  • Use our online resources as much as possible. Our online resources are available 24/7/365, and you don’t have to wait on hold.
    • Real Estate Professionals, use the Toolbox to order, edit, manage, and view home warranty plans.
    • Homeowners, use Homeowner Central to place and check the status of service requests.
    • Service Providers, use Contractor Connection to update work order status and submit invoices.
  • Call only when absolutely necessary. In many cases, you can find the information you need on our website or in your home warranty plan.


  • If we authorize you to contact an out-of-network contractor, you may have them perform covered repairs up to $500.
    • For work under $500, complete the work and submit your invoice(s) for reimbursement online or by emailing them to easyas123@orhp.com.
    • If the work will exceed $500, you must call 800.972.5985 for authorization.
  • Service providers are independent contractors who manage their own workloads. Contacting them directly is the most efficient way to resolve your concerns.
  • Questions about your coverage? Please refer to the Declaration of Coverage found in your Homeowner Central account.

Service Providers

  • You are authorized to complete all covered repairs without calling for authorization. If the work required is covered by the home warranty plan, do the job and send us your invoice for payment.
  • We highly recommend carrying a current copy of your state’s home warranty plan brochure in your vehicle for quick reference. Knowing what’s covered and the plan’s limitations can save you time and will help you complete the work faster.
  • Read your emails. We will update you with authorization and other requirements, as appropriate, as we work through this pandemic together.

Parts Delays

Parts suppliers are affected by the pandemic in the same way we are. Factories cannot produce at their prior levels and delays are commonplace throughout all supply channels. As well, most shipping services are experiencing delays.

We will do all that we can to get required parts/equipment to your home as quickly as possible; however, please understand that parts and equipment shortages and shipping delays are beyond our control.

Check Back Often for Updates

We will update this page, as appropriate, to keep you informed of situations that may impact the service you receive.

Rest assured that Old Republic Home Protection is committed to providing you service in excellence, even in times such as these. We appreciate your patience as we work through the challenges.

Stay safe. Stay well. And thank you for choosing us as your home warranty provider.


COVID-19 Information & Notices