Service Providers » Service Expectations

We have high service expectations for our Independent Network Service Providers. Our reputation depends on your level of reliability, competence, integrity, and professionalism.

Our goal is to provide our Plan Holders with a stellar customer service experience.

Obviously, the services your firm provides play a major role in our success. Your performance on each of our jobs directly affects the volume of future work you receive from us. We require prompt, courteous, and professional service for our Plan Holders and reasonable charges for materials and work performed.

Service Providers who meet these basic requirements can count on a constant flow of work from us, without any out-of-pocket advertising.

If you are interested in working with Old Republic Home Protection, please contact our Contractor Relations Department at 877-579-4559 to request a Service Provider sign-up packet or simply download the Service Provider Packet and fax it to 925-866-0916.

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