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I would just like to say that I appreciate the ease of your website to order service. I have never encountered one that is as easy and comprehensive as yours. Thank You!
B.L., Plan Holder, Silver Spring, MD

Once, then twice, Old Republic Home Warranty comes through! A seller called all upset about the Lennox Super A/C system, as it was just out of the manufacturer’s warranty. I reminded him that he agreed to purchase a buyer’s home warranty, and as a result, he was covered during the listing period. The fine fellows from the HVAC company got on it fast, and that seller was so happy! Also, other sellers just renewed their home warranty in July, and it IS transferrable to the new buyers. Just a special thank you for all that Old Republic Home Warranty does to make the buying and selling process work so well. Oh, and ordering warranties online is GREAT. Thanks for making it look easy!
J.C., Real Estate Professional, Jacksonville Beach, FL

I am amazed with how nice these Marketing Tools are! The Newsletter is great, the Moving Guide is comprehensive, and the other pieces are fantastic and professionally looking, too! There are tools for farming and pre-listing packages, as well as other goodies. I couldn’t be more thrilled, and I can see myself using these over and over.
N.R., Real Estate Professional, Sterling, VA

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