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For Single Family Detached Homes Only


Coverage Details

Upon receipt of the completed, signed Home Inspector Checklist, and payment of the additional Plan Fee, we will diagnose, repair, or replace covered structural system components listed as functional on the checklist provided: a) there is an actual or anticipated failure of a covered component; b) the failure will vitally affect the use of the home for residential purposes; and c) the covered component was in place, functional and permanently installed within the perimeter of the home on the effective date of this Plan. Maximum coverage per Plan is $10,000. Coverage not available for condo, townhome, or mobile home.

COVERED: Foundation, foundation walls, sill plates, girder posts, headers, floor joists and subfloor, sole plates, studs, sheathing, plates and ceiling joists, rafters, roof sheathing and roof boards, partition wall studs, and other load carrying structural components which constitute an integral part of the primary structure.

NOT COVERED: Failure due to earthquake, weather, flood, land subsidence, soil movement, slope failure and acts of nature; pest damage; improper construction; substandard building materials; design flaw; modifications that weaken a structural component or that compromise the structural integrity of the dwelling; or the failure of any component or system not listed as a covered item or defects discovered prior to the effective date of this endorsement. Upgrades required by code, cosmetic defects, and consequential loss or damage are not covered.

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