Service Provider Resources

It pays to join our network! Use these resources to maximize your success as part of our Independent Service Provider Network.

Understanding Our Service Expectations

We set high expectations for our Independent Network Service Providers.

Our reputation depends on your commitment to high levels of reliability, competence, integrity, and professionalism.

Our goal is to provide service with excellence to all our customers!

Your performance on each job we send you directly affects the volume of work you continue to receive from us. We require prompt, courteous, and professional service for our customers and reasonable charges for the materials and work you perform.

Service Providers who meet these basic requirements can count on consistent work from us, reducing out-of-pocket advertising and marketing costs.

The Home Depot Supply Discount Program

We negotiated on your behalf!

Our network Service Providers receive volume-level pricing on all business-related purchases at The Home Depot! That includes purchases made outside of your ORHP business! It’s one more way being a member of our team makes sense for your bottom line.

To find out more about this discount program, contact Contractor Relations at: 877.579.4559

Roofing Authorization Form

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