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We have had our home warranty through ORHP for the past year and have not had to call in for repairs until today. Our garbage disposal was making a humming sound and wasn’t working. I logged into the ORHP site to request service, and was pleasantly surprised that the system gave me a "tip" on how to fix the humming noise BEFORE I submitted a request for service.

I took the tip and actually fixed the problem myself. I was very pleased to see that, as a home warranty provider, you helped me avoid a cost (no matter how small) by giving me a tip to fix the problem and avoid submitting a service request. Thank you! I have a renewal coming up, and I think this one experience helped me realize that I can trust ORHP for our home warranty needs.

S.N., Plan Holder
Mesa, AZ

I received excellent service from Affordable Heating & Air in Birmingham, AL. My request for service was responded to promptly, and the service repair person was on time, courteous, and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the process established by Old Republic Home Protection.

E.D., Plan Holder
Birmingham, AL

"Best Warranty - worth the price. I originally got one when I purchased my 20 year old house and I have continued to renew it every year."

C.F., Plan Holder
Enterprise, AL

"We were so impressed with your company and the tradesmen we encountered. All were so professional, very quick to come help us, and resolved our problem within 24 hours of reporting. We would like to thank you for providing us with excellent customer service—you definitely back up your product. I will continue to renew our warranty with you. Thank you so much!"

U.M., Plan Holder
Loganville, GA

"We began obtaining a home warranty contract with Old Republic Home Protection three years ago, and it has paid for itself every year. Old Republic has been prompt in scheduling repairs, provided excellent vendors, and has great customer service. Most recently, I needed a new heat pump. All was handled very professionally, without any issues or problems with the service provider—they did an excellent job… I’ve only had positive experiences with Old Republic. I highly recommend getting a home warranty."

H.D., Plan Holder
Midlothian, VA

"We purchased an Old Republic Home Protection home warranty for our own home over a year ago. We didn’t need any repairs the first year. However, our dishwasher decided not to work at the beginning of this year. My husband took care of contacting Old Republic. He said the whole process was very easy, from start to finish. He just had to make one phone call. The repair man called for an appointment, determined the problem, ordered the parts and came back to install them. That was it and that was easy! Thank you."

C.C., Plan Holder/Real Estate Agent
Tehachapi, CA

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