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"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for our industry and clients in the Wichita Falls market. I closed a property just a couple of weeks ago thanks to an Old Republic Home Warranty. I was on the listing end, and the buyer was concerned about the "what ifs" of home ownership. I suggested that instead of letting the deal die, we offer to upgrade their policy to the maximum amount instead of the standard coverage as requested in the offer. The buyers saw the extra advantage, and we closed successfully and on time, and for much less than a renegotiation of price based on “what ifs!”

L.B., Real Estate Professional
Wichita Falls, TX

"I recommend Old Republic Home Protection’s home warranty for its comprehensive coverage and great service. Old Republic home warranties have helped many of my clients and saved many deals for an affordable price, reducing risk and fear for the client."

Orlando, FL

"I am a REALTOR® and now... I am one of your biggest fans! One week after closing, my new homeowners had the pipes burst under their home. What a horrible thing to happen when you're trying to move in! Luckily, I had lined them up with an Old Republic Home Warranty. When I got that heartbreaking late night phone call, I was able to refer them to ORHP. In a couple of days, they had all new pipes installed under their home, and the happy homeowners were spared hundreds of dollars! Whew! Thank you, Old Republic Home Protection, for making me look like a hero and proving how valuable a home warranty is!"

Augusta, GA

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