Introducing a Home Warranty That's the Star of the Show!

Now on stage! A star lineup of coverage for 2020 and beyond!

While your clients build a lifetime of memories, we keep their home protected with our comprehensive home warranty plans.

For over 45 years, we've protected millions of homeowners from the high cost of unexpected system and appliance breakdowns. Each of their homes is unique, which is why we offer a variety of home warranty plans and options to meet the needs of your home sellers and buyers. Put our experience and expertise to work for you!

This home warranty is a showstopper!

ORHP’s home warranty plan looks beautiful inside and out. We have a new look but offer the great coverage and caring service you expect from Old Republic Home Protection. You and your clients deserve a star performer.

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Enhanced Standard Coverage


Kitchen Refrigerator and Washer/Dryer Coverage... It's included!*

We cover just about everything behind the artwork

For home buyers, our Standard Plan includes coverage for a freestanding or built-in kitchen refrigerator with ice maker.

And, don't let your clients get taken to the cleaners... we also include coverage for the washer and dryer (one set).

*Not available with Essential Coverage. See Plan for details.

Rekey Coverage

Start with a sense of security

Rekey service is included in our Standard Plan for home buyers! Rekey up to six keyholes (including deadbolts) and receive four identical keys.

Your home buyers can rest easy knowing only they have keys to their new home.

Mini-split ductless HVAC system coverage

Don't let a mini-split malfunction cause a major meltdown!

Mini-split ductless heating and air conditioning systems are gaining in popularity thanks to their energy efficiency and small footprint. If your client's new home has one of these systems, we've got it covered!

More Roof Coverage in CRES Plans

Patch water leaks

Get up to $1,500 in coverage for limited roof leak repairs in the Standard CRES Preferred Home Warranty Plan. This coverage limit applies to both our 12- and 13-month CRES plans!

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Optional Coverage Choices


Pre-season HVAC Tune-up Option

Avoid unexpected seasonal breakdowns

ORHP will perform one air conditioning maintenance tune-up between February and April and one heating system tune-up between September and November.

Help your clients receive the most out of their home warranty with preventative maintenance.


Enhanced Slab Leak Limit and External Plumbing

Things that are out of sight should not necessarily be out of mind

This ground-breaking coverage (pun intended) enhances the Standard Plan limit for plumbing pipe leaks in water, drain, or gas lines located under, encased in, or covered by concrete, giving your clients up to $1,500 in coverage.

It also covers up to $1,000 for external pipe leaks located outside the foundation of the covered structure.

Outdoor Kitchen Option

Let's take this outside

ORHP offers optional coverage for outdoor kitchen systems and appliances.

Are your clients grilling gourmands who enjoy hosting patio dinner parties? No worries. We've got the optional coverage they need to keep the fun going all season! This coverage includes their refrigeration appliances, plumbing (water and gas), and electrical wiring/outlets specific to the outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen covered by an ORHP home warranty.

Even More Options Available!

Ornamental fountain motor and pump coverage

Covers motors and pumps attached to an ornamental fountain, including those in ponds and pools.

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Platinum Protection Upgrade

The Coverage Combination that Unlocks Superior Budget Protection

The most comprehensive home warranty in the industry is now even better!

Platinum Protection still includes everything found in our Standard and Ultimate Protection Plans. As if that isn't enough, it also includes enhanced coverage for stoppages, certain modifications, increased coverage for specified HVAC systems, and more! Plus, it adds protection for labor and other specified costs for items under a manufacturer's warranty, and now includes zone controls!

Unlock the best home warranty coverage for your clients. They deserve it; we deliver.

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See the new 6.0 Series Plan for your state to get complete coverage details.

Check Your State Plan for Availability.

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