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The unit is not producing any hot water. Your pilot light may be out. Follow the instructions on the tank for relighting the pilot, or call your local gas company who will relight it for free! Water heater is not producing enough hot water. If the water heater runs out of hot water too quickly, increase the temperature on the water heater thermostat. If the temperature is set on the highest setting, ... Water heater makes a rumbling or clanking noise. Chances are this is related to sediment build up. A flush of the water heater may be all that is required. Toilet won't flush, the handle just moves up and down. The flapper chain may have come off the handle arm. Reconnect the chain. Don't forget, the water in your toilet tank is fresh! Toilet runs constantly or flushes by itself. A leaking flapper most likely causes both symptoms. This is the round seal in the bottom of the tank connected to the chain for the handle. When you depress the ... Toilet won't drain well or at all. With the exception of a mainline stoppage, almost all toilet stoppages can be cleared with a plunger! Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or tub drains slowly. If you have multiple stoppages in the home, (i.e., toilet, sinks, laundry line, or any combination of these) this is considered a "main line" stoppage and ... Reset the circuit breaker at the sub or main electrical panel. Clean the filter. If filters are dirty, it restricts water flow into the heater. Most heaters have a pressure switch that will not allow the heater to turn on ... There is no power to the equipment. The pool or spa light will not turn on. Reset the circuit breaker at the sub or main electrical panel. Pool/spa equipment should be on its own circuit. There may also be a GFI/GFCI outlet at the ... Pool/spa is dirty; filter is not cleaning. Clean the filter. If the filter is dirty, it will cause an increase in pressure that prevents the filter from working properly. Cartridge filters need cleaning ...

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