No power to an outlet.

First, try resetting your circuit breaker. If that isn't effective, and a bathroom or kitchen outlet is affected, it could be a tripped GFI/GFCI. The GFI/GFCI is a mini breaker located inside an outlet within 10 feet of water (i.e., a sink). The GFI/GFCI reset button is usually red with test/reset noted on it; it is located directly on the outlet cover. The GFI/GFCI breaker prevents electrocution by shutting off power immediately if electrical current comes in contact with water.

These are most likely located:

  1. In the bathroom.
  2. In the kitchen.
  3. In the garage.
  4. At the circuit breaker panel box.

Regardless of where it is located, it is likely that all the kitchen and bathroom circuits are connected through this outlet. Builders generally install one GFI/GFCI and then wire other outlets through it. Look in these areas for the GFI/GFCI and be sure the reset button is depressed.