Pool pump is not circulating. The pump may have stopped circulating because the water level in the pool/spa is too low. If the water level has dropped below the center of the skimmer, air may ... Water hammer in pipes. To eliminate the hammer is easy! Water hammer is caused by air trapped in your incoming water line. First, shut the water off to your home at the main shut-off ... Discolored, rusty water is coming out of the faucets. If this is only happening while the hot water is running, refer to the water heater section on how to flush the unit. If it is coming from both hot and cold ... Wall furnace pilot will not light. The local utility company may provide this service for free. Please contact them for assistance and ask if they will relight your pilot light. If they don't, ... Fan will not shut off. Check that the thermostat is not set on "fan." Some furnaces are equipped with a summer switch located on the side of the furnace. It’s used primarily in the ... Heater will not turn on. This usually indicates NO electricity is getting to the unit. Most furnaces installed in the last 15 years have a switch located on the inside of the front panel ... Furnace cycles on and off frequently. The filter is important for the proper operation of a furnace. If the filter gets clogged, it will not allow the furnace to circulate properly, which can result ... Disposal doesn't chop food well or drain has an odor. Fill an ice cube tray ½ full of vinegar and ½ full of water. Once the cubes are frozen, put them in the disposal and turn on. Use 2-3 cubes a week for about a ... Disposal drains slowly. Pour 1 cup each of baking soda, salt, and vinegar. Pour baking soda and salt into drain, immediately followed by vinegar. Let sit for approximately 15-20 minutes. ... Disposal does not make any sound when the switch is turned on. The most likely cause is no power to the unit.

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