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I just wanted to say thanks for your help during a recent crisis. Y'all are always helpful. What a pleasure finally to find a company that provides super service. Thanks!
G.K., Plan Holder, Auburn, AL

I just gotta rave about my home warranty company - Old Republic Home Warranty. I love them, love them, love them. I've been using ORHP ever since my Alabama real estate agent put one of their warranties on my country home back in 2005 and have NEVER (let me repeat, NEVER) been disappointed by them. I now have ORHP's warranty on all my properties - three rentals and my primary residence - and the peace of mind it brings is... well... very cool. Yes, they have denied a few claims, but the reasons why were clear and reasonable. And they've PAID claims I assumed they wouldn't - and frankly, some they probably shouldn't have. You can add an Old Republic warranty to your own home or rental property at any time (like, TODAY!). And what if you never use it? Shoot, I'd happily pay $350 for the "insurance" that nothing will break in my house in the next 12 months! I'm not sure if the coverage is available in all states, but if it is in yours, I highly recommend them. Oh, I don't get any kickbacks for sending you their way; just your undying appreciation and affection when you fall in love with ORHP, too.
J.A., Plan Holder, Pensacola Beach, FL

We bought a house in December 2009 and received a Home Warranty Protection Plan for one year with Old Republic Home Protection Co. In mid-summer, the heat pump went out. Old Republic sent a contractor to fix it, and all it cost me was $100. In November, my water heater burned out, and Old Republic sent the same contractor to check it out. I paid my $100, and Old Republic was going to replace the water heater. However, I received a call from Old Republic notifying me that it would cost "me" almost $300 to bring it up to code. I was devastated because I didn't have the money. The girl from Old Republic put me on hold, got in touch with the contractor, and came back to me to tell me the good news. He was not going to charge me anything extra at all. I was so relieved and grateful that I just did not know how to express it. I just want everyone to know how wonderful the contractor was. I have never dealt with a home warranty company before, but Old Republic will be the only one I ever deal with in the future. Old Republic really takes good care of its clients. Thank you all so much!
L.W., Plan Holder, Bloomingdale, GA

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