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    Step-by-Step: Creating Smartphone Shortcuts


    Creating Website Shortcuts for iPhones and iPads

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    The instructions below work for both iPhones and iPads. The notable difference is that the Export icon Apple iOS export icon found in Safari browsers. is located in the top right corner of the iPad's Safari browser. The remaining steps are the same.


    Step 1:

    • Open your Safari browser and navigate to the Toolbox Login page.
      Note: Shortcuts on your phone may not work with other browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
    • You do not need to log in.
    • Tap the Export icon iPhone export icon for Safari browsers. along the lower edge of your Safari browser (Note: The icon is located in the upper-right corner on iPads).
    An iPhone logged into the Old Republic Home Protection Toolbox.


    Step 2:

    • Slowly swipe the bottom row of icons to your left until you see the Add to Home Screen icon (see below).
    Add to Home Screen iPhone icon.  Look for this icon.
    • Tap the Add to Home Screen icon.
    Clicking the Export icon on an iPhone to create a smartphone shortcut.


    Step 3:

    After tapping Add to Home Screen in step 2, a screen pops up with the name of the website and URL.

    • You can change the name if desired. Our Toolbox will be labeled ORHP Toolbox. Other websites may have names that aren't as obvious or that need shortening.
    • Once you're satisfied with the name, click the Done button in the lower-right corner.
    Choosing a name for a website shortcut on iPhone.


    Step 4:

    That's it! You're done!

    • Your new website shortcut displays in the first available icon slot on your phone's home screen.
    • To return to the Toolbox, simply tap the new icon.

    Pro Tip: After saving the Toolbox, follow these same steps with our main website and keep all of our resources right at your fingertips!

    A view of website shortcuts on an iPhone with cute dog in the background wallpaper.
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