10 Must-Try Cleaning Hacks

Laptop cleaning

Looking for ways to get your house cleaning done more efficiently? Make your life a little easier with these 10 cleaning hacks.

  1. Clean between the keyboard keys with the sticky side of a Post-It note.

  2. Toss a few pieces of crumpled newspaper in the bottom of your trash bin to absorb the smelly fluids that may leak out of the liner.

  3. Add a couple drops of essential oils to the inside of your toilet roll to combat unpleasant odors.

  4. A bathroom squeegee works great to scrape up pet hair from carpet and upholstery.

  5. Buff out water spots on mirrors, plumbing fixtures, and shower doors with a new or used dryer sheet.

  6. Store small items in a laundry bag before loading into your dishwasher to keep them from falling through the racks.

  7. Remove scuffs and scratches on dishware by scrubbing with a paste made with cream of tartar and water.

  8. To clean your wood cutting board naturally, sprinkle with salt, scrub with half a lemon, and rinse.

  9. Swirl a little uncooked rice, white vinegar, and water in your vases to clean them.

  10. Create more storage space below your sink by hanging spray bottles above the cabinet floor on a tension rod spanning the top portion of the cabinet.

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