3 LinkedIn Tips for Real Estate Pros

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With over 810 million users, LinkedIn has gone from Facebook’s awkward cousin to the world’s largest professional networking site. Thanks to its primary focus on business, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for real estate agents looking to market themselves, earn more referral business, and connect with like-minded real estate professionals who share a drive to succeed.

Use the following tips to make quality connections and generate leads with LinkedIn.

Optimize your LinkedIn presence for lead generation

Your first step is creating a professional profile to meet your business goals. Help your profile stand out in a sea of competitors with a well-branded profile page and relevant content.

Use Showcase Pages to your advantage to enhance your profile, target specific audiences, or provide in-depth information about a service you offer. For instance, a real estate agent with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation could use a Showcase page to target that specific audience and promote their expertise.

Your next step is posting content regularly. Become a neighborhood expert—research hyper-local topics and create engaging posts about them. For example, compile a list of the best schools in your area with a map of each neighborhood. Share statistics about your town in a series of fun infographics. Post open house and other event announcements. Or make a video series touring your city’s best restaurants.

Whatever you post, make sure it’s varied, interesting, and relevant to your audience. Your connections will associate you with helpful information presented in a friendly, trustworthy way.

Ask for recommendations from past clients

Anyone who has worked with you can write a recommendation that will appear on your LinkedIn profile. When a prospect discovers your page, a long list of recommendations could tip the scales in your favor.

Recommendations impress us for the same reason we’re unconsciously drawn to people with plenty of friends. Psychologists call it “social proof,” and a LinkedIn profile with dozens of glowing recommendations lets people know you’re respected in your field.

To request a recommendation from a past client, go to their profile and click the “More” icon. Select “Request a recommendation.” Follow the instructions to request a recommendation. The message field is editable, allowing you to write personal notes to your former clients.

Tell your past clients how much you’ve enjoyed working with them and how much you’d appreciate a recommendation. Also, let them know that it doesn’t have to be long. A few sentences are perfect!

Participate in LinkedIn Groups and follow topic hashtags

LinkedIn Groups are essentially internet forums that you access through your LinkedIn account. A LinkedIn Group works the same way as a Facebook group, where like-minded people post articles, images, and industry-related topics to discuss.

Browse and join Groups that sound interesting to you or create your own Group to grow your network. As you become more active on LinkedIn, the platform recommends Groups that align with your interests.

By becoming an active participant in your favorite Groups, you’ll connect with real estate professionals who can offer you helpful advice and intelligent tips. And who knows? They might even send a hot lead your way!

Note: if you’re not ready to join a Group, you can find and follow hashtags of personal interest. Simply enter the hashtag you’d like to find in the search bar; for example, #RealEstate. Click the hashtag to enter that hashtag’s feed where you can see all content related to that hashtag topic.

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