5 Phenomenal Apps for Real Estate Professionals

Smartphone Apps

Your smartphone is an indispensable tool for conducting business these days. The following smartphone apps may help streamline your workflow and make you more productive, and every app listed below is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.


Are you still keeping your receipts in a shoebox? Expensify lets you take pictures of receipts with your phone, and it transcribes them so you don’t have to enter them into the website manually. You get up to 25 SmartScans per month with the free version of Expensify, and if you exceed that amount, you can either enter the remaining expenses manually or pay for unlimited SmartScans. Everything you upload to the app automatically syncs with your account on the Expensify website, which generates clean, easy-to-read reports that will warm your accountant’s heart.


Use Box to store files (docs, pictures, videos, etc.) on an off-site server that you can access from any computer or mobile device. It’s the easiest way to access and share large files—simply give clients and colleagues access to specific folders, which they can download from a web link. Box uses state-of-the-art file encryption so your data is extremely secure, and you can store up to 10 GB of data with the free, single-user version.

Google Keep

Do you have trouble capturing all the thoughts that run through your head every day? Google Keep is note-taking software at its finest… and it's free! Make lists, add photos, create voice reminders, and more.


This real estate transaction and customer relationship management tool lets you upload documents for clients and other agents to review, edit, and sign. The strict access controls for dotloop ensure that nobody sees anything until they’re “looped in” and granted access. This means that you can work out the details of offer letters and counteroffers before sharing them with the other party. The system creates a checklist for every client to identify each step in the buying or selling process, and each client can easily tell which step they’re on at any point in the transaction. This makes it easier for you to stay on top of each transaction, and it gives your clients peace of mind since they can see their current step and any steps that follow. You can access and manage your account from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.


This free navigation app helps you skirt around heavy traffic by gathering data from all its users and finding quicker routes. Even though Google now owns Waze, its algorithm tends to do a better job than Google Maps in most cities. Waze also lets you know about traffic hazards, speed traps, and red light cameras in your path—all reported by members of the Waze community.

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