8 Ways to Make Your Houseguests Feel Welcome

Bathroom Counter

Expecting houseguests this winter? Even if you're not an Airbnb super-host, you can still create a relaxing setting for visitors. Check out these eight ways to host like a pro and make your houseguests feel welcome during their stay.

  1. A clean house ensures a great first impression when your guests arrive.

  2. Keep your guests satisfied with a kitchen stocked full of tasty food and beverages to enjoy.

  3. Provide the ultimate tourist experience by becoming their personal tour guide. Plan activities around fun things to do locally.

  4. Prep the bathrooms with a new set of towels. Keep travel-sized toiletries on hand to replace any forgotten items.

  5. Add a little life to your home by incorporating fresh flowers and plants into your décor.

  6. Pop some popcorn, bust out the pillows, blankets, and pajamas, and cozy up for a movie night to remember.

  7. Put those board games to use for a fun-filled game night tournament.

  8. Take lots of photos to capture the time spent together. Share the memories with your guests upon their departure.

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