A Good Editor: Your Best Marketing Tool?

Editing Copy

Competition is high in an industry like real estate, and your marketing strategy can make or break you. In the words of Bill Gates, content is king when it comes to good marketing. And with so many real estate professionals connecting with clients on digital channels like social media, blogs, and email newsletters, agents and brokers are producing more written content than ever before.

It’s never been more important to produce clear, well-written, professional marketing materials to bolster your sales tactics. A good editor (or copywriter) might just be the best tool to help your messaging rise above the competition.

Writing is hard

Writing doesn’t come easily to most people, and many of us struggle to put words together in a clear and engaging fashion. When writing about a subject we know a lot about, we naturally assume our audience’s understanding matches our own.

Also, we frequently write in a furious hurry, and our verbiage reflects this haste. Writing is an area where nearly everyone can improve, but you don’t need to channel your high school English teacher to produce coherent and effective content. You just need an editor.

Leave the writing to the experts

Editors understand how messages should be crafted for the web, digital and print marketing materials, presentations, and more. They are communication experts who serve as a knowledgeable surrogate for your audience, understanding their expectations and needs. They can adopt the mindset of the reader and follow the narrative to learn about a subject—unafraid to ask questions or point out gaps in your content.

Editors make it look easy

Editors are passionate about grammar, style, and composition. They can give your writing precision and clarity that is nearly impossible to achieve on your own, unless you have lots of time for revisions. Serving as both the consummate critical reader and your most interested audience, they point out logic flaws, redundant phrases, and pesky subject-verb disagreement.

Diagramming sentences comes as easily as breathing, and they cast off superfluous words and sentences with aplomb. They can quickly spot and fix any misused or misspelled words (e.g., your vs. you’re, its vs. it’s, were vs. where) and grammatical errors.

Give a good editor 4,000 words of jumbled verbiage and they’ll end up with 2,500 words of cohesive prose, without cutting anything substantial.

The next time you’re experiencing writer’s block, or your content needs that extra professional level of polish, find an editor. You will be proud of the final results, and your audience will thank you for it.

Hire some help with these easy-to-use services

Interested in hiring an editor to help with your marketing content, but not sure where to start? Super Copy EditorsThe Writers for Hire, and MarketSmiths all offer specialized proofreading and copywriting services for the real estate industry. Have a smaller writing or editing job? Search “write real estate” on Fiverr to find a freelance writer/editor to help you.

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