Be Smart & Stay Cool: Smart Home Improvements to Beat the Heat

Adjusting the temperature at home_1200x628

The summer season often invokes nostalgic memories of running barefoot through sprinklers, devouring melting popsicles, or playing Marco Polo in the pool with friends. Maybe our memory—or climate change—has failed us, but the summer heat feels more oppressive than in previous years. But you still deserve to enjoy the summer! Here are some smart ideas to help you beat the summer heat and stay cool this season:

  • Window treatments. Energy-efficient window treatments are an excellent way to reduce your A/C bill and stay cool in the summer. Insulated blinds, blackout curtains, Roman shades, and wooden shutters may be fantastic options for window coverings that beat the heat.

  • Evening thermostat. Set the thermostat one to two degrees cooler when the sun goes down. Regulating the house’s temperature overnight can help you stay ahead of the afternoon heat since the A/C won’t have to work quite as hard during the day.

  • Cooling materials. Consider investing in composite decking materials that reflect heat away from the house. Also, if pool water feels more like a hot tub during the peak summer months, cooling pumps can keep the water refreshingly chill.

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