Build and Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Build your pipeline

The sales cycle in real estate starts long before you take a listing or show a home, and considering how long it takes to go from initial contact to closing, it’s always a great time to work on building and managing your sales pipeline. Use the following tips to help build your pipeline and keep it full!

Design Your Website to Capture Leads

Offer something of value to your website visitors and provide ways for them to reach you beyond using the phone. A blog with relevant information about the local market, a way to research their home’s value, and a page featuring local listings are all great ways to draw leads in and encourage them to stick around. Most importantly, you should feature an easily found contact page that allows clients to enter their vital information or contact you directly to make an appointment.

Respond Quickly

You may think this goes without saying, but a surprising number of real estate professionals sit on leads for days. Always follow up on every lead as quickly as possible. According to a study on Lead Response Management, leads are lost because agents ignore an inquiry or take too long to respond. The research team found that the odds of making contact with a potential client drop by a factor of 3,000 if the first call is made five hours after the lead was generated.

Keep in Touch with Past Clients

A recent National Association of REALTORS® study found that around 90% of buyers and 87% of sellers say they would use their REALTOR® again, but very few (around 12%) actually do so. Bottom line: clients will forget about you if you don’t reconnect. There are plenty of tools available to remind you to follow up with clients after the sale, from low-tech calendars to high-tech productivity software. Find the ones that work for you and use them to keep in touch with past clients.

Pro tip: when you include a home warranty from Old Republic Home Protection with each transaction, you’ll automatically receive an Anniversary E-card just prior to your client’s closing anniversary date. Easily forward the e-cards to your clients for a simple way to keep in touch and stay top of mind!

Market Yourself

Marketers use the term “impression” to describe the number of times a target audience sees a brand name, slogan, or product. In your case, YOU are the brand, and each time someone sees your name or face on a newsletter, website, park bench, or wherever, you boost the odds that they’ll think of you when they need your services. Leverage your resources to ensure you get your face and name in front of past and future clients—brand awareness is the key to filling your pipeline and keeping it full. Check out Old Republic Home Protection’s free, customizable marketing tools for some ideas!


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