Closing the Deal: The Art of Emotional Intelligence

Closing the Deal

Many of us have always assumed that a person's IQ score provides a general indication of how much they can accomplish in life. However, emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a better indicator of overall success than traditional intelligence—especially when it comes to sales! Certainly, the best real estate professionals know how to harness the power of emotional intelligence to orchestrate and close lucrative deals.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

In business, emotional intelligence refers to someone's propensity for a personal connection with colleagues and clients. While IQ tests measure verbal and mathematical intelligence, EQ measures softer skills, such as the ability to stay motivated, delay gratification, and regulate emotions.

Close the Deal: How Is Emotional Intelligence Used in Sales?

While using emotional intelligence to close the deal is more of an art than a science, there are a few principles you can follow to use EQ to your advantage.

Read the room. Pay attention to what's not being said. Notice and mirror behavior patterns in your prospects to build trust. Awareness is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.

Control your feelings. Emotionally intelligent people do not allow emotions to get in the way of a profitable business transaction. Keep your feelings in check and your mind sharp to ensure you're not leaving value on the table.

Follow your passion. Warren Buffett said, "In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love." Closing the deal is much easier when you believe in what you're selling. Find a product or service you can get behind and funnel those feelings into your sales tactics.

Make people your priority. For those with high EQ, every business is a people business. Don't view people as secondary to the business transaction at hand. Use empathy to create value for each person involved in the deal and create lasting relationships—that's how you build a strong sales pipeline.

Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool. Harness its potential to sense your customer's needs, empathize with them, and provide win-win solutions. Stay aware, keep your feelings in check, and, above all, find your passion! Follow these principles to close the deal while maintaining your integrity!

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