Cut the Clutter

storage250x226.jpgGet a handle on clutter and remove the excess stuff in your home! You’ll find it takes significantly less time to organize your clutter than to repeatedly sift through it looking for lost items. Joshua Becker, a leading voice in the modern minimalist movement, offers the following tips for living clutter free.

  • Everything that enters your home should go into one of the following three categories:
    • Your “To Do” basket
    • Another family member’s “To Do” basket
    • The garbage

This technique is perfect for keeping mail from piling up.

  • Break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. For example, instead of attempting to clean out an entire closet, clean one shelf every Saturday morning. By the end of the month, you will have completed the entire job!
  • Establish a routine. Rather than waiting until the clutter gets out of control, set aside some time once a week to put things back in their proper places. Assign each family member a room or area in your home to clean and organize, and pick a specific day and time to do it. Together, you’ll clear out the extra stuff throughout your home, transforming it in a single day!

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