Declutter Your Home

Organized Living Space

Want to free yourself from clutter but feel overwhelmed thinking about it? Overcome the challenges of an untidy home with these four decluttering tips.

Have a plan:

Know what you want to accomplish and make a list by category or room. Use the list to guide you through your tasks and check them off as you go.

Be honest with yourself:

Decluttering requires taking an honest look at the items in question. Ask yourself if it has a function, purpose, or sentimental value. If you are keeping it for sentimental reasons, make sure it’s something you can’t live without.

Find space:

If you decide to keep something, find a permanent home for it on a shelf, in a drawer, or in storage. If the item exceeds the space you have, consider if it’s worth keeping around.

Sell it:

Apps like Decluttr, Letgo, and Poshmark can help you sell your unwanted items. But if the items don’t sell quickly, they’ll continue to take up space in your home indefinitely. If you’re serious about wanting to get rid of clutter, it may be worth it to donate or recycle instead.

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