Decorating Tips for Outdoor Entertainment

Decorating tips for outdoor entertainment

Spring is the perfect season for outdoor entertainment, regardless of how big or small your lawn is. With the right touches, having a party outside can bring an element of casual elegance to any event. Whether you are staging your yard, porch, or patio, consider this advice before planning your next outdoor gathering:

  • Push the furniture back. Maximize floor (or lawn) space by arranging your furniture around the perimeter, creating more room for your guests to move around freely.

  • Don't get too crowded. Speaking of furniture, while you want to provide comfortable seating and dining options, you don't want to make the space too cluttered to enjoy. Opt for versatile, weather-resistant pieces that can save space and withstand diverse weather conditions.

  • Be careful with colors. Nature creates the perfect backdrop, and the last thing you want to do is distract from natural scenery. Choose cool, airy palettes that don't compete with the natural colors around you. If you want to add a pop of color, use throw pillows or bright flowerpots to incorporate some design contrast.
  • Light it up. String some lights over the patio or around the porch to provide some extra ambiance. Bistro lights can enhance any space, bringing a sense of serene elegance to your evening cocktail or dinner parties.

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