Do Your Homework: Vetting Your Vendors

Real Estate Homework

The best real estate professionals understand the importance of knowing the ins and outs of their neighborhood. Your clients appreciate your ability to provide honest, unbiased recommendations for local vendors (e.g., housekeepers, landscapers, interior decorators, etc.). You have expert knowledge to share and you know how to make connections—hey, it’s your job! Use that industry knowledge to cultivate a network of trusted vendors for your clients.

Once you’ve got a list of service providers, make sure to vet each one before recommending them to your clients. After all, people buy from those they trust and any vendor you recommend reflects back on you. Do your homework on your recommended service providers with the following steps:

  1. Ask for references and follow up on each one. When calling references, stick to open-ended questions (e.g., ask them to describe their relationship with the vendor). You’re more likely to get a feel for how the vendor does business through a discussion than with a bunch of yes or no questions.

  2. Search the internet for the company name, see what people are saying about them on social media, and check out their rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  3. Interview each vendor before adding them to your list. Ask them how their workers are trained to meet responsibilities and provide excellent customer service.

  4. Reduce your risk by ensuring any vendor you recommend performs background screening on their employees for any unethical, fraudulent, or criminal activity.

  5. If the service provider you recommend requires any form of licensing, bonding, or insurance, you should verify that these requirements are met and kept up to date.

Of course, the best way to vet vendors is to get out in the community and meet them, and better yet, use their services! The ability to tell your clients that you have personal experience using vendors you recommend is vital; it provides your clients with a deeper level of confidence in you as a neighborhood expert. Show your clients you care about their satisfaction and their trust in you by connecting them with the best, most dependable businesses in their new neighborhood.


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