Don't Let a Plumbing Emergency Ruin the Holidays!

Clogged Sink

An unexpected plumbing problem could really ruin your holiday season. Reduce your risk of a plumbing emergency with the following tips.

Get your water heater ready for guests: Having extra guests in your home may overwork your water heater. Plus, cold water entering the water heater from outside the home causes it to use more energy than usual to keep the water hot. Ensure your guests always enjoy warm showers—and keep your water heater happy, too—by adjusting the temperature to 120 degrees.

Keep your drains clog-free: Be careful what you put down your kitchen sink drain when preparing holiday meals. Grease and coffee grounds are two of the most common culprits of a clogged drain. Pour grease into a disposable container and throw it in the trash. Throw coffee grounds in the garbage, or add them to your compost pile.

Assemble an emergency repair kit: Buy a plunger, an adjustable wrench, some heavy-duty gloves, and a plastic bucket. Keep these items together in a place that's easy to access, along with a card noting the location of your emergency water shutoff.