Fun Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Carved Pumpkin

Carved, illuminated pumpkin faces decorating the neighborhood are a familiar sight in late October. Check out the tips below to create a fun display on your front porch.

Make your pumpkin smell sweet by sprinkling a teaspoon of nutmeg, cinnamon, or pie spice on the inside lid after carving. Just light the candle to warm up the spices and make your porch smell like fall!

Give your jack-o’-lantern a colorful smile by tacking colored tissue paper behind the front face of the pumpkin with thumbtacks. Note: this tip involves paper (read: flammable), so it’s a good idea to use electric candles to achieve this look. Looking for a design that’s quick and easy to carve into your pumpkins? Grab your household drill and a few drill bits in varying sizes. Use the drill to carve a polka dot pattern. No knife skills needed!

Another simple option is to use light-up props. First, find the perfect prop—a creepy cat, a spooky skull, or even a bewitching bat! Cut a hole in the front of your pumpkin a little larger than your prop. Flip the switch to light up the prop and place it inside the pumpkin so that it’s visible through the hole.

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