Garbage Disposal Cleaning and Maintenance


Use the following maintenance schedule to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly throughout the year.

Weekly: Cut several lemon or orange rinds into small pieces and grind to help eliminate odors.

Monthly: Clean all visible parts of your garbage disposal with a sponge, warm water, and dish soap. Fill sink halfway with water and a tablespoon or two of vinegar. Open the drain and turn on the disposal to flush out any debris. Run cold water while grinding 2-3 cups of ice and one cup of rock salt, followed by a cut-up lemon. The coarse texture of the ice and salt helps keep the blades sharp, while the lemon keeps your disposal clean and odor-free.

Quarterly: Inspect and tighten disposal drain connections and fasteners.

General Tips:

  • Always run water during use and for 10-20 seconds after grinding is finished to help prevent stoppages.

  • Run disposal regularly to prevent corrosion or rust.

  • Don’t put potatoes, carrot peels, and other stringy or fibrous vegetables down the disposal.

  • Always unplug the unit to clear a jam and use tongs or pliers (never hands!) to remove debris.