Go for the Grade: The Importance of A+ Agent Reviews in Real Estate

Importance of A+ Agent Reviews

Most seasoned real estate professionals know that the industry is largely fueled by word of mouth. Happy clients often refer their agents to friends, family, and acquaintances who, in turn, seek out those same agents to facilitate their real estate transactions. Therefore, your business can thrive or die based on client satisfaction—or dissatisfaction—and personal recommendations.

Why Are Online Reviews Important for Real Estate Agents?

In today’s digital age, the same referral principles apply. However, it’s easier than ever for prospective clients to access REALTOR® reviews since they don’t need to know someone personally to vet an agent—they only need to access the internet. Surveys indicate that most consumers research, read, and trust reviews they find on the internet. That’s why it’s critical for REALTORS® to guard their online reputations.

What Are Zillow Agent Reviews?

As the largest real estate network in the world, Zillow is one of the most influential platforms for real estate agent reviews. Clients can leave personalized agent reviews and rate their real estate professionals on a scale from 1-5 in areas like industry knowledge, process expertise, and negotiation skills. With 68 million users each month, agents and REALTORS® are wise to cash in on the opportunities that Zillow agent reviews can offer.

How to Get Stellar Online REALTOR® Reviews

Client reviews are the foundation of building a stellar online reputation, helping you generate leads and earn new business. Optimize your online credibility with two simple steps:

  1. Request reviews. This is such a simple step that it is sometimes overlooked. In the happy chaos of closing on a new home, clients may forget to leave a raving review without being reminded. And since 68% of consumers report they are willing to leave a review when asked, requesting online recommendations from your happy clients is imperative.

  2. Respond to reviews. We know you’re a skilled and capable agent with plenty of glowing feedback online. When a client takes the time to leave a positive review, be sure to thank them publicly and highlight their remarks in your social media marketing.

    However, it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, and occasional negative reviews are inevitable—and you need to respond to those, too. If a client leaves less-than-impressed feedback, first apologize that their experience didn’t meet your customer service standards. Next, invite them to have a conversation offline so you can ask the right questions and identify the root of the problem. Often, misunderstandings can be resolved simply with a professional and compassionate conversation.

Don’t let a lack of positive online reviews rob you of business. Ask satisfied clients to leave you a review on Zillow, social media, or even your website, then harness the power of reviews by taking the time to respond to both positive and negative feedback. Curating an outstanding online reputation is part of building a successful real estate business. Go for the grade and use those A+ agent reviews to your advantage!

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