Hacks to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Modern Entryway

Regardless of your home’s square footage, everyone wants a spacious environment. These hacks are all you need to turn a tight space into a comfortable setting.

Grand Entrance – Create an entryway that’s practical and inviting by using a bench or seating area. If there’s not enough space for seating, install wall-mounted hooks and some open shelves for keys and other knickknacks.

Optical Illusions – Full-length curtains create the illusion of high ceilings, opening up the area. Use a striped rug in a room to create an elongating effect. Place mirrors opposite windows or hallways to expand the space, tricking the eye.

Multipurpose Furniture – As people continue to downsize, furniture designs have evolved into a combina­tion of ingenuity and style. Incorporate furniture that maximizes space with items that offer extra storage or serve multiple functions.

Keep it Light – Make the most of natural lighting. Sheer curtains and light-colored walls can make any room feel open and airy.

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