Holiday Storage Hacks

Christmas Ornaments_1200x628

The holidays wouldn't be the same without festive decorations and present wrapping. But storing these items for the rest of the year can take up a lot of space. Stay organized with these holiday storage hacks to make your life a little easier.

  • Pack fragile ornaments carefully to keep them from breaking. Plastic apple containers, egg crates, and beverage trays are ideal storage options.

  • Avoid the nightmare of unruly holiday lights next year. Wrap the lights around a hanger or a piece of cardboard before storing in a box or container.

  • Don't let rolls of wrapping paper get in the way. Store the rolls in a clear garment bag and hang in a closet.

  • Keep your storage bins free from bulky wreaths. Use a zip-tie to attach the wreath to a hanger. Drape a plastic garbage bag over the hanger and hang in a storage closet or on a rack.

  • Organize ribbon for easy access by stacking the rolls on a paper towel holder.

  • Not sure what to do with leftover candy canes? Grind them up for a tasty dessert topping you can enjoy any time of year.

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