Home Inspectors: “Deal Killers” or Agent’s Best Friend?


One of the most important aspects of a home sale, for buyers and sellers, is the home inspection. Failure to obtain a home inspection can cost you and your clients a lot of money in the long run, yet some agents may find it hard to see the value in a home inspection. After all, a revealing inspection report can be an instant “deal killer.” But is that necessarily a bad thing?

A home inspection should not cause a war between the inspector and the real estate agent. Honest inspectors don’t conduct a home inspection hoping the sale falls through, and they don’t want a buyer to walk away from a home due to a minor defect on the report. The inspector’s goal is to make sure home buyers know what they’re getting into before making the biggest purchase of their lives. Good inspectors, like good agents, put their client’s satisfaction above all else when conducting business.

Accordingly, when agents and home inspectors work together, their collaboration benefits everyone involved in the transaction. Clients trust their agent to have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and an agent can save a home buyer a lot of time and money by referring a competent home inspector. In fact, real estate agents that have cultivated good relationships with trustworthy home inspectors report higher client satisfaction. Colorado real estate broker Dick Greenberg says, “Our favorite inspector has ‘killed’ several deals for us, and we and our clients were grateful.”

Ethical business practices show your clients that your purpose is to support them and that you’re not just in it to make a buck. Plus, a good home inspector can help protect an agent from liability. Building strong relationships with dependable home inspectors is good for your clients and good for business.

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