House Cleaning Resolutions

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Many people make plans for life improvement in the New Year. But have you thought about goals for cleaning your home in the year to come? Here are a few house cleaning tips worth adding to your list of resolutions.

Make a game plan

Create an easy-to-follow schedule with daily and weekly cleaning tasks. Hang your schedule on the wall to serve as a reminder of what to work on each day.

Come clean

Be honest with yourself about any bad habits you have when it comes to cleaning. Think of new ways to address each habit and practice making those changes.

Push it to the limit

Start the year off with a top-to-bottom deep clean. Once you’ve done the hard work, the rest is just maintenance.

Room to grow

Add some new houseplants to liven up your home. Houseplants improve the air quality and add a relaxing vibe to your environment.

Go green

Energy upgrades can lower utility costs and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Have fun

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a downer. Crank up the music and get moving! You’ll be relaxing in a clean home before you know it.

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