How to Use Technology to Market to Out-of-State Homebuyers

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Your smartphone is an indispensable tool for conducting business these days. The following smartphone apps may help streamline your workflow and make you more productive, and every app listed below is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Build brand recognition

You first need to build brand recognition. You won’t reach out-of-state clients if no one knows who you are! Create a memorable brand that showcases your personality, your professional designations, and the kinds of properties you sell.

Establishing an unforgettable brand for yourself is even more essential if your business is not part of a nationally recognized real estate brand.

A strong, focused brand helps potential clients know what they can expect when they choose you as their real estate agent, which builds trust, credibility, and rapport—even states away!

Improve (or perfect) your online reputation

A good online reputation is integral to attracting new clients and that’s especially true if you want to target non-local buyers. Your online presence is likely an out-of-state buyer’s first impression of you, so make sure it’s a stellar one!

You can improve your online reputation in lots of ways. The easiest by far is providing excellent service and asking your past clients for referrals. Most people don’t bother to leave a review when they’re satisfied. So, take some time to follow up with your happy clients and ask them to post about their positive experience working with you.

Develop a solid internet marketing strategy

Developing a winning internet marketing strategy is important for gaining and retaining local clients. But it’s also the main way to target out-of-state homebuyers who might choose you as their real estate agent.

Polish your website to target out-of-state buyers. Include eye-catching photos, virtual home tours, and more to encourage visitors to stay on your website. Provide links to useful tools like mortgage calculators, closing checklists, moving tips, and more. Ensure your website is included as a link on other websites—local associations, preferred vendor directories, and other real estate industry sites are all effective locations to establish yourself and your brand as an authority.

Increase your search engine optimization (SEO) with keywords that out-of-state buyers are typing in their search bars, so your website shows up on the front page of major search engines. Create relevant, keyword-rich content to establish your website as an authority for the real estate industry in your area and beyond. Some content examples include blog articles about things to do and see in your community or helpful resources for homebuyers who may be considering relocating to your area.

Create a budget for digital ads marketing to out-of-state buyers on Facebook, Zillow,, and others. Decide on how much you want to spend on these ads and make sure your content is relevant to your audience. Are your potential clients looking to relocate from another state or are they purchasing investment property? When you create your ads with a specific audience in mind, you’ll spend less time and money figuring out which of your ads are winners.

Selling to out-of-state homebuyers isn’t easy. But when you put in the extra effort to market beyond your backyard, you can establish yourself as a trusted industry expert and expand your potential client pool by hundreds or even thousands of miles.

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