HVAC Maintenance

Prevent Broken HVAC System

We received over 240,000 heating and air conditioning related service requests last year—underscoring the value of a home warranty plan from Old Republic Home Protection.*

Following our vision of People Helping People, we’re happy to provide the following HVAC maintenance tips.

To help prevent premature HVAC system breakdowns and extend the life of the system, advise your clients to:

  • Regularly remove dust from around grills and ducts,

  • Replace filters as directed by the manufacturer,

  • Examine and weatherize windows as necessary, and

  • Clear plants and debris around the condenser to ensure proper airflow.

For additional home maintenance tips, download the complimentary Homeowner's Tip Guide for your clients. Log in to your Toolbox account and click on Marketing Tools to access the PDF—along with a varied selection of other marketing tools that you can customize with your name, image, and contact information.

*See your state Plan for a complete list of available options and coverage details.

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