Inexpensive Interior Design

Home Decor

Whether you’re looking to sell or you’re just craving a new look, you can spruce up your home’s interior without breaking the bank. Check out the following interior design tricks to transform your space.

A fresh coat of color: Color plays an integral role in interior design, and fresh paint doesn’t cost much if you DIY. Light colored walls reflect light, so paint smaller rooms lighter colors to make them look larger. Warm colors can also brighten a room and work well in areas that don’t receive much natural light. Conversely, dark walls can make a room feel smaller, so save the bolder colors for rooms with lots of windows.

What’s old is new again: Don’t be afraid to repurpose items you already own.  Sometimes moving a piece of furniture or décor out of one room and into another can give the item, and your space, a whole new look!

Green goes with everything: Plants (real or faux) are great for accessorizing your home inexpensively. Add color and texture with a few decorative plants in each room. Bonus points if you spring for live plants; many varieties purify the air by absorbing pollutants!

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