Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space

Lazy Susan1200x628

No matter your home size, there just never seems to be enough kitchen space. Maximize the space you have by making the most of every inch! 

Take advantage of unused walls. Hang pots and utensils on hooks mounted to walls, but make sure you use the proper mounting hardware if you’re planning to hang anything heavy! Consider installing ceiling-height cabinets if you don’t already have them, and stash a step stool in a nearby pantry or base cabinet for easy access. Standalone or wall-mounted shelving units found at most hardware stores make great homes for all those small kitchen appliances and tools that don’t quite fit on your counters. 

Prioritize space in your cabinets and pantry. Rollout drawers, pulldown shelves, lazy susans, risers, storage racks, drawer trays, and other space-saving add-ons are great ways to organize a kitchen. Add-ons are also a budget-friendly alternative to a complete remodel. 

Have extra unused floor space? Add a portable island, cart, or utility table for more functional cabinet and countertop area! These come in many sizes and styles, so you can get exactly what your kitchen needs.