Mindfulness for Real Estate Professionals

Business Meditation

Mindfulness refers to the mental state of open and active attention on the present moment. According to the Harvard Business Review, mindfulness increases resilience, the capacity for collaboration, and the ability to lead in complex situations. It can also help you gain focus, find inventive ways to solve problems, and build better relationships—maximizing your opportunities and increasing referrals!

Work-related stress is perfectly normal, even if you love what you do. Sometimes the best response to a stressful situation is to clear your mind and reset your focus. This is known as focused attention meditation, where you choose to focus on one thing (your breath, a word or phrase, an image or object) to anchor yourself in the present moment. Try this quick, five-minute meditation for yourself!

Minute 1: Breathe deeply, inhaling for a count of four and exhaling for a count of six.

Minute 2: Stop counting and allow yourself to breathe naturally. Pay attention to how your breath feels; experience it as the air moves through your body.

Minute 3: Stay focused on your breathing (or another object of focus). If your mind starts to wander, that’s okay! Whenever a thought enters your mind, think to yourself “it’s just a thought” and let it go.

Minute 4: Release your focus and relax. Enjoy this moment of calm.

Minute 5: Think of something you’re grateful for, and slowly transition your thoughts to how you physically feel.

Now you’re calm, collected, and ready to take on the rest of your day. Anyone can practice mindfulness, and the more consistent you are, the easier it becomes!

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