National Homeownership Month: Ideas for REALTORS® and Agents to Celebrate the American Dream

Moving into new home

June is the inaugural month of summer, ushering in longer days, abundant sunshine, and lush, green landscapes. But for the real estate industry, it is also a time to celebrate the American Dream by recognizing National Homeownership Month.

What Is Homeownership Month?

In 1995, the Clinton administration strategized to combat decreasing homeownership rates by setting aside one week each year to highlight the benefits of owning a home and help Americans achieve their homeownership goals. In 2002 it was expanded to include the whole month of June. Nearly 20 years later, Homeownership Month continues to inspire and educate Americans pursuing the dream of homeownership.

Ideas for REALTORS® to Celebrate Homeownership Month

National Homeownership Month provides agents and REALTORS® with unique opportunities to promote the benefits of homeownership, improve their brand visibility, and give back to their communities. So, how do you celebrate homeownership month? If you need some ideas to kick off your festivities, simply remember you are in the HOME business.

Host a housewarming party. If you or someone you know purchases a home this June, celebrate the milestone by throwing them a housewarming party. You can also help them create an Amazon registry to share with friends and family on social media.

Offer a home warranty. One report indicates that 81% of homeowners faced unexpected repairs in their first year of homeownership. This can place significant strain on household budgets, especially for those who drained their savings accounts to make a downpayment.

Including an Old Republic home warranty with every transaction during National Homeownership Month (and every month!) can help protect your clients’ budgets, set your listings apart from the competition, and protect your commission.*

Make home improvements. The best way to show gratitude for your home is by showing it some love. National Homeownership Month is the perfect time to spruce up the lawn, invest in some new décor, and make some cosmetic upgrades.

Empower others to find housing. National Homeownership Month is the perfect time to share your amazing real estate talents and skills to help others navigate barriers to homeownership. Volunteer with a nonprofit that helps individuals and families find safe, affordable housing, such as your local HUD or Habitat for Humanity branches.

The American Dream is still an inspiration to millions and deserves to be recognized. Use Homeownership Month as an opportunity to celebrate and motivate new and future homeowners.

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