Regrowing Food from Scraps

Garlic250x250.jpgMany vegetables and herbs that are considered staples in lots of dishes can be regrown from scraps. Here is a list of common ingredients that you can use once and grow on your kitchen counter forever!

Basil leaves will continue to grow in a glass of water. Place stems in the glass and set in a sunny spot. When the stems start to grow roots, transfer to pots of soil.

Romaine lettuce and bok choy are easy to regrow from cut stumps. Place the stumps in about half an inch of water, refilling as the water level recedes. When you see new leaves, transfer to pots of soil.

Scallions will regrow to full size in a little less than a week. When cutting scallions, leave about an inch above the bulb. Place the bulb in a glass with just enough water to cover them. Change the water every few days.

Garlic is too bitter to cook with once it starts to sprout, but you can continue to grow the sprouts in a glass with a little water. The bright green sprouts make a lovely garnish for salads, pastas, and more!

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