Seller Concessions Surge: Include a Home Warranty to Help Your Listings Stand Out

Home for sale

High interest rates and expensive home prices appear to be diminishing real estate demand in some areas, resulting in signs of a market shift as sellers seek to sweeten the deal for potential buyers. As conditions continue stabilizing after the post-Covid real estate whirlwind, third-quarter reports indicate that 35% of homebuyers offered concessions to attract offers between August and October in 2023.*

What does this mean for real estate professionals?

This is fantastic news for real estate agents who want to protect their clients’ budgets and mitigate their risk with a home warranty. These trends indicate that more sellers may be willing to cover the cost of a homebuyer’s warranty coverage, providing an extra layer of confidence in their investment.

Encourage sellers to include a home warranty with every transaction. It’s a relatively inexpensive concession that can attract more motivated buyers to your listing while also providing valuable budget protection and priceless peace of mind.

Check out Old Republic Home Protection’s industry-leading home warranty plans and find the coverage your clients deserve!

*Source: Redfin Reports More Than One-Third of Home Sellers Are Giving Concessions to Buyers, Yahoo Finance, 2023.

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