Spring Cleaning Mishaps to Avoid

Cleaning Supplies

Spring is in the air, and so are seasonal allergens. While this is a great time to tidy your home, steer clear of these spring cleaning mistakes and keep your home sparkling!

Failure to plan

Focus on getting the gritty tasks, like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, out of the way first. You’ll feel motivated checking them off your list.

Not using the right tools

Take these cues from the pros. Microfiber cloths remove dust better than stan­dard cloths. Extension wands and vacuum attachments work wonders for ceilings, tight spaces, and uphol­stery while reducing risk of injury from over-stretching or standing on a wobbly chair.

Neglecting grimy trouble spots

No one likes these chores, but they have to be done! Wipe both sides of your window blinds with microfiber. Dust the cobwebs from ceiling corners, air vents, and lampshades. Slip an old pillowcase over ceiling fan blades and gently pull back, keeping the dust inside the pillowcase and not in the air.

Waiting for spring to clean

Incorporating these tips into your weekly routine will reduce the amount of housework you’ll have when the seasons change.

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