Squeaky Clean: Smart Ways to Use Soap

Bubbly Bar of Soap

We can all agree that soap is one of the world’s greatest inventions. But did you know that soap can do more than just clean? Check out these clever ways to use soap in your home.

  • Keep your glasses from fogging up by gently rubbing both sides of the lenses with soapy water. Let dry and then polish.

  • To unstick a zipper, rub soap on both sides while zipped-up. Then unzip and rub soap on the teeth of the zipper.

  • Freshen up musky odors by keeping an unwrapped bar of soap in drawers and closets.

  • Use soap to loosen a stiff door lock. Rub bar soap on the key to lubricate the lock mechanism.

  • To safely clean up broken glass, use a damp bar of soap to pick up the pieces. Then shave off the layer of soap and glass, wrap shavings in newspaper, and dispose in the garbage.

  • To allow pins and needles to move smoothly through fabric, insert them into a bar of soap first.

  • Soothe a pesky bug bite by rubbing a moistened bar of soap on the bite.

  • Check for a leak in a tire by rubbing soap and water on any suspicious spots. If bubbles form, you’ve found the leak.

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