Take a Brain Break

Brain Break

We all have those moments at work when our brains turn to mush and we hit the proverbial wall. Sometimes all you need is a few minutes to recharge so you can return to your tasks with a clear head. Here are a few ideas that may help you recharge:

  • Take a walk outside. Turn your face to the sun and take deep breaths. It’s amazing how fresh air, birdsong, and a mini-dose of vitamin D can help you re-center your focus.

  • Browse photographs online to travel the world and be transported in a matter of minutes.

  • Unplug your electronic devices for a moment and nosh on a brain-boosting snack of nuts or blueberries.

  • Create a free Lumosity account and play a few quick brain games.

  • Watch a humorous opening monologue from your favorite late-night talk show.

  • Sit back in your chair, close your eyes, and daydream for a few minutes. Although favorite vacation spots are calming, you can use this time to imagine the successful wrap-up of your gnarliest project or reaching your career goals.

  • Learn something new. Find a video tutorial on YouTube or just Google a subject you’d like to learn more about.

  • Do nothing for two minutes. Really. Just sit quietly and empty your mind of all thoughts. Be one with the universe for a scant two minutes. (Note: this is a lot harder than it sounds!)

  • Write and send an impromptu thank-you note to someone who’s helped you recently. Extra kudos if it is handwritten. Double extra kudos if you include a gift card.

  • Set aside 20 minutes to watch an inspiring TED Talk like Brain magic by Keith Barry or Your elusive creative genius by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you only have a few minutes, check out these inspiring talks for a brain boost in six minutes or fewer.

Our brains are not meant to focus on the same task for hours at a time. Schedule intermittent brain breaks throughout your day and increase your productivity!

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