The Human Side of Home Buying

Couple Speaking to Agent

In today’s real estate business, technological advances allow most tasks to be carried out seamlessly, on the go, and at the touch of a button. House hunting apps and websites are a dime a dozen, and technology is constantly evolving to help streamline the home buying process for consumers and real estate professionals alike.

Virtual home tours allow potential buyers to preview homes without leaving their living room. And computer programs can help buyers crunch the numbers themselves, making them think they’ve correctly determined a property’s value.

Technology can’t replace human interaction

Technology will continue to improve and make certain aspects of the home buying experience easier and more refined for buyers, sellers, and agents. But buying a home can’t happen using an app or website alone.

Real estate is a people-centric business that thrives on human connections, and it likely always will be. It’s a complicated, emotional process that requires many steps and an industry expert to get the job done right. As a real estate professional, you can ease your client’s stress by humanizing the home buying experience.

Yes, your main goal is to sell your client a home they’re happy with. But your client’s main goal is to find a trustworthy friend to hold their hand and guide them through the emotional rollercoaster of their home purchase. The most successful agents know this and provide their clients with knowledge, honesty, and support before, during, and after the sale.

Real estate is all about connections

How do you build that connection? You should try to embody the top two qualities consumers seek in an agent: honesty and integrity.

Your clients are looking for a trusted confidant, an expert negotiator, a caring mentor, a shoulder to cry on, a community resource, and more! You won’t find those things in a line of programming code because computers lack something agents have in spades—feelings.

You can help humanize the home buying experience

First and foremost, always keep in mind that there are people behind every transaction and your goal is to provide those people with a great home buying experience.

Every client has unique needs and expectations of their real estate agent. A good agent strives to do everything they can to support their home buyers throughout the transaction.

Communicate with your clients on a regular basis. Ask questions, gather information, and be a good listener to tailor your service to meet their needs.

Understand their motivation for buying a home, how soon they want to move, and their homeownership goals. Before showing properties to a buyer, counsel them through any concerns.

Technology is an aid, not a replacement for real estate agents

No app can get to know a home buyer on a truly personal level. No virtual home tour can capture what it feels like when a buyer steps onto a property for the first time. And no computer can impart that gut feeling a buyer gets when they know they’ve found their future home.

There’s a humanity to the real estate process that technology just can’t replicate. In this age of emerging technology, real estate professionals who take a personal—and personalized—interest in their clients are needed more than ever.

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